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Newshook review

Newshook review - (d 2 aspects I like-I like that newshook...

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Newshook Reviewed by Adam Newman (a) Do you think the idea is fulfilling a market need? Why or why not? - I think the service is fulfilling a market need because it is bundling a set of products/services that are already at a high demand into a single interactive way to share content. (b) How might the idea better fulfill a need? -This idea may fulfill a need better if it offered content and information that can’t already be found on a plethora of sources all over the web. (c) What’s the biggest risk or problem with the idea? -The biggest problem with this idea is that it assumes that people really want/are willing to start using another social media site just to read the news. It also assumes that a large amount of people want a highly customizable news experience and aren’t satisfied with the news and how the get it right now. I think this could be a problem because it could be difficult to convince people to switch from the source they use for news right now.
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Unformatted text preview: (d) 2 aspects I like-I like that newshook allows users to avoid seeing news that they have no interest in and that a greater variety of sources becomes available to the user pending publication companies agree. I love the grand vision of newshook to provide a one-stop shop news source that also allows you to integrate social media and networking to share important information with your friends around the world. (e) 2 aspects that need improvement-I think the main thing that need improving is just further research into logistics of people switching over to your site and how you can make that as seamless as possible. Also I think further research in how the process of publishers purchasing amateur journalists content will function (f) Comments I think this idea is very well thought out and brilliant. I personally and tired of terrible biased news sources that include information about topics I simply just don’t care about....
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