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Parking Lot Wheelz Reviewed by Adam Newman (a) Do you think the idea is fulfilling a market need? Why or why not? - I think the idea is definitely fulfilling a market need for on-campus transportation and parking are issues that are becoming increasingly more important at ASU (b) How might the idea better fulfill a need? -I think this idea would fulfill a need better if it substantially saves people money and if it helped to lower the amount of people parking on campus. (c) What’s the biggest risk or problem with the idea? -The biggest problem with this idea is that unless the service is extremely cheap it will be hard to give customers substantial savings in comparison to purchasing their own bicycle or board. If a person is willing to lug a board around after renting it from your company why wouldn’t they be willing to just bring their own personal board with them in their car each day?
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Unformatted text preview: The other problem is that this service does not offer other forms of transportations such as scooters, segways, roller skates etc. so it misses out on other potential markets. (d) 2 aspects I like-I like that the service is especially convenient for bicycle users because bike racks are expensive and bike theft is on the rise. I also like that the users will be able to pick up their bicycle’s or boards at conveniently located areas around campus. (e) 2 aspects that need improvement-The biggest improvements needed are in the area of cost and price research and finding out what price people are willing to pay for a slight convenience. Also improvement is needed in the area of what transportation modes are supplied. (f) Comments-I like the general idea but I can’t see many people willing to pay for a service that doesn’t really make their life that much easier....
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