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MGT 360 Team Charter 9/14/2011 Team Identity Name: Team Synergy Members: Adam Newman Michael Ingeman Nisha Mohan Yuwen Wang Stuart Frost Mission Statement Effective collective and individual thought yields unique techniques for success to be sought. Structure Roles will be defined and assigned on a per assignment basis by Adam whom will be the team leader for every assignment. Team members will discuss role preferences directly after an assignment is given. All works produced by individuals will always be reviewed by the rest of the group as to encourage constructive criticism and constant improvement. Each individual’s unique strengths and past experiences will be considered before roles are
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Unformatted text preview: assigned for any project. Communication Phone: General Scheduling and Communication (Primary form of communication) Email: Exchange of information Google Doc: Collaborative Work Text: if absolutely necessary Class: Short meeting after every class to discuss any progress. Longer meetings will be agreed upon in advanced if necessary. All members are expected to be in constant communication with the rest of the group. If a specific group member is being non-communicative then the rest of the group will verbally confront the person about the importance of being a responsible team member and participant....
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