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BusinessCardANewman - what any doubters or skeptics may...

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Explanation of card: This card represents that in life and business that sometimes you have to be willing to make that leap of faith, just take a chance even if you don’t know what the outcome is. The only ways to truly experience success is to first experience failure then grow from it. Summary from book: I learned that you can’t let your life be constricted by the people around you. That no matter what no one will understand you or your idea like you do. It is essential to keep pushing forward with something even if it is not 100% secure regardless of
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Unformatted text preview: what any doubters or skeptics may believe. If you sit around waiting for confirmation from someone that what you want to pursue is a good idea it will never happen. You must be able to define what is your willing to do from what you are not. How this could help: I don’t think many of these tips will make me any more creative because I already thought in a very similar manner to how the book describes you should. But I think I did learn that it is important to not be constricted by the skeptics around you and to just keep doing what you believe is right....
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