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Citibank case study analysis - Citibank Case Analysis Adam...

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Citibank Case Analysis Adam Newman MGT 420 Dr. Millikin October 6, 2011
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The strategic objectives that drive the selection of factors for Citibank’s new performance scorecard are to “build a profitable franchise by providing relationship banking combined with a high level of service to its customers”. This decision forced the company to place more of a focus on the level of which customer service and satisfaction are playing a significant role in the evaluation of a manager and their branches. I think these objectives are necessary and sufficient in accomplishing the organizational goal of demonstrating that non-financial measures are of equal importance as the financial measures. Although these strategic objectives are important it is necessary that a full analysis of all of the measures being used to realize these objectives is being conducted to evaluate their effectiveness and fairness. The six different criteria Citibank used in its performance scorecard are financial, strategy implementation, customer satisfaction, control, and people and standards. Within each of these criteria a variety of specific measures were used to evaluate whether the managers performance was below par, par, or above par. Based on these criteria I believe the performance scorecard is fair because based on this information, an upper level manager can properly evaluate how well a branch manager is achieving and/or properly pursuing the strategic objectives of the California division.
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Citibank case study analysis - Citibank Case Analysis Adam...

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