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GE case study analysis - Adam Newman MGT 420 Professor...

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Adam Newman MGT 420 Professor Milikin 11/15/2011 GE Case Study Analysis Generally speaking, a large quantity of the conglomerates that choose to pursue multiple businesses in unrelated market fail to achieve the level of success that the involved investors expect. This is because when a company expands its resources across many different unrelated markets it becomes increasingly difficult to manage each sector the business. In addition, the company cure initially established begins to be lost as priority is place on expansion rather than performance and sustained success. GE implores a diversification strategy similar to the one describe above but contrary to the experiences of most conglomerates they have realized substantial long term success. This can be mostly attributed to GE’s dedication to the development of human resources and its focus on instilling a meritocracy style culture across all facets of the business. GE adds value by focusing on the continuous development of high quality employees by providing them with experience in multiple divisions of the company and encouraging high levels of productivity. GE’s success in employee development all begins with how it chooses to recruit new employees. Rather than seeking the highly pursued graduates typically approached by firms on Wall Street, GE is patient and waits for those employees to come to them once they are tired of the hectic lifestyle. Additionally, GE creates dynamic relationships with universities all around the country which assists them in recruiting efficiently. Once the
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GE case study analysis - Adam Newman MGT 420 Professor...

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