Lowe's HR process analysis

Lowe's HR process analysis - According to Lowes career...

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According to Lowe’s career division of its website “At Lowe’s, we’re fully dedicated to helping talented and committed individuals build strong, rewarding careers. And nowhere is this dedication more readily apparent than within our Human Resources department”. This statement is essentially the company’s HR strategy and if everything in that statement was assumed to be true, it would be a very effective strategy. In order to evaluate the validity of this statement it is imperative that the individual processes that make up the greater HR process are fully analyzed. The fundamental areas of an effective HR process are recruitment and hiring, employee training and development, employee benefits and compensation, and general HR policies and culture. Recruitment and Hiring According to Lowe’s website the company aims to “Match the right people with the right place at the right time, to ensure optimum workforce satisfaction and performance. This is a quality recruitment mission, but Lowe’s actualization of this mission seems to be lacking. Lowe’s focuses a significant amount of its recruitment efforts on college recruitment by creating strong partnerships with universities, on campus student organizations and by participating and hosting career fairs and information sessions. The company also offers a variety of scholarship and intern opportunities. Through these efforts Lowe’s has access to a wide variety of well-educated potential employees who are motivated and in the process of pursuing a career. Lowe’s college recruitment program is very dynamic but outside of this their recruitment strategies are lacking. The company accepts job applications continuously and through interviewing and hiring procedures performed at each location they narrow down the pool of potential employees. There has been a large amount of criticism by past applicants and current employees about the efficiency of this process and based on their testimonies significant modification may be
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necessary. “I went for an interview about 2 weeks ago had the first and 2nd interview and haven't
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Lowe's HR process analysis - According to Lowes career...

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