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MGT 420 Syllabus


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MGT 420 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (SLN 72826) Fall 2011 Professor: Dr. John Millikin Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3 p.m. or by appointment Office/Phones: BA 397L; cell 602-370-2941 Classroom: BA 265 Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 – 4:15 pm. Course Description: This course examines the effective management of people in the workplace. Human resource management will be examined from a whole system and process perspective at both an organizational and individual level. During this course we will examine the process of human resource management, beginning with strategy and human resource planning. We will discuss the legal constraints on the employment relationship. We will begin by a focus on hiring and selection. We will review the development of various types of performance criteria. Next, we will examine diagnosis as it relates to the causes of performance and the evaluation of performance. In addition, we will consider the subjects of training, career development, employee retention and separation. The overarching theme will be aligning individual performance and needs with strategies and objectives of the organization. The course will emphasize both conceptual and practical understanding. Managers spend a great deal of time and attention focusing on the assessment and improvement of organizational performance. Effective management requires a thorough understanding and appreciation of the planning and management processes used to effectively align people’s efforts and needs with those of the organization. Putting concepts into action requires skills that must be understood and practiced. Therefore, the course has dual concentration on concept and application. TEXT & MATERIALS The book is Human Resource Management by Angelo S. DeNisi & Ricky W. Griffin (3 rd edition) Publisher: Houghton Mifflin 2008 Print ISBN-13: 978-0-618-79419-5 Additional assigned readings Case packets will be available through XanEdu as outlined on myASU Blackboard REQUIREMENTS and GRADING
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Exams Midterm 100 points Final 100 points Debate 100 points Case Analyses 200 points Team Term Project Presentation and Paper 150 points (Presentation – 100 points, Written Report – 50 points) Participation 50 points 700 points total Note: To translate to points to use +/- on each course grade awarded in grading above C, the following will be used: 683-700=A+, 648-682=A, 627-647=A-, 606-626=B+, 578-605=B, 557-577=B-, 536-556=C+, 487-535=C, 417-486=D, and 416 or below =E ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Please note that academic dishonesty including plagiarism will not be tolerated. In this era of “cut and paste”, it is all too easy to simply take other peoples work without attribution. In short, don’t. We now have software that not only tracks published work but also work previously turned in this program. Plagiarism will lead to a zero for you and, if found in a team project, a zero for each member of the team no matter who is responsible.
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