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MGT 445 Business Plan Development Fall 2011 Global water 1. Goals set for the period Gain insight on what the next steps to take are. Understand what the company expects from the group and whether it aligns with class expectations Devise an action plan for the upcoming weeks. 2. Progress made (broken down by team member) – list tasks completed, data collected, meetings held and any additional efforts relevant to project assigned. John Suru Pwr point presentation, sched meeting with company, worked on write-up. Chad Fogg Attended meetings, wrote and initiated collaboration for the project analysis. Adam Newman Scheduled meetings, wrote research outline, and worked on write-up. Justin Call Worked on project analysis, attended both meetings with company, encouraged collaboration on projects, set up team meetings
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Main findings-Fathom installs the systems and charges the city over a really long period of time so it's painless for them.-People they need to target for municipal contracts are public work directors or city managers.-GW helps people conserve water because it opens doors to other revenue streams. GW can make money in a few ways: 1. Selling ad space for 3rd party parts/services 2. Selling GW's own services 3. Distribution (buy 3rd party stuff and selling it) 4. Questions/problems-Is the company’s expectation for our group realistic?-Is it fair to ask meet closer to ASU Goals set for the next coaching session-Have more concrete data and research.-Have potential business plans started...
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