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Research Outline - Research Outline Global Water MGT 445...

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Research Outline Global Water MGT 445 Research Question #1 What specific audience will the fathom product line be marketed towards? Data Collection Secondary research : We will conduct interviews with executive Global Water representatives as well with local municipal utility companies. Primary research : We will conduct phone and in-person surveys and analysis with municipal utility companies as well with select current home owners. Determine what regions provide the most economic potential for expanding and marketing Fathom. Data analysis We will identify the capacity of municipal utilities companies and home owners to purchase, implement, and utilize the fathom product line. We will identify what target markets/regions will yield the highest revenue as well as the barriers to advertising to these potential customers. Results and conclusions We expect to be able to create a priority list of customers which depicts which target audience will yield the highest potential profit and marketability and create an effective marketing strategy based on those results. Research question #2 What pricing structure/strategy will give the company the ability to expand rapidly and increase profits? Data Collection:
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Research Outline - Research Outline Global Water MGT 445...

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