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Research Outline Global Water MGT 445 Research Question 1: What is CAEP’s competition for immersion type programs? What percentage of the “market” do they have (how do they measure up to CAEP)? Data Collection: Secondary - The team will perform web searches, on any immersion type programs as well as any more developed programs. Data will be collected from University of Iowa (leader in implementation program), University of Texas and Hopkins, as well as any others that appear to represent reasonable competition. Primary - The team will contact the three universities listed above and ask them questions in regards to volume of business, origination of funding, and any other appropriate data they are willing to disclose. Data Analysis: The data collected will be of varying subject matter. Hopefully, CAEP’s competitors will provide enough data to determine the practices and characteristics of their BMs. Benchmarking and identifying potential strengths and weaknesses of CAEP’s competition provide a starting point from which to innovate. Results and Conclusions: The current “industry” seems to be very ambiguous as it is just getting started. The competition is apparently somewhat lacking and sparse. However, because the industry is small and the market potential is relatively large, smaller competitors can more easily obtain competitive advantage and a greater share of the market. The collection and analysis of this data will provide insight into what strategies to pursue, whether it be “Get Big Fast” or “Get it Right First”. Research Question 2:
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Sample%20Research%20Outline[1] - Research Outline Global...

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