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POR 201 - LINE # 84208 Intermediate Portuguese - Fall 2011 Prof a Clarice Deal (arq: syl201_Fall2011_noite.doc) Room: T – Th: LL 265 – Lab LL 61/65 Class hours: M: 6:30-8:30pm & W: 6:30- 8:30pm Office Hours: M-W- 10:00 -10:40am & 6:00 – 6:30pm T-Th: 10:00 – 10:20am Email: Office phone: (480) 965-6401 – LL419-C - Home phone: (480) 947-8111 COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: PORTUGUESE 201 is designed to improve your Portuguese language skills (understanding, speaking, reading, and writing). This course will provide you with grammar and exercises, listening and writing activities, reading assignments and viewing Brazilian culture videos. The primary objective of this course is to teach the student to communicate in Portuguese – both orally and in writing. I am pleased to have you enrolled in this course, and I am eager to work with you over the next few weeks while you study Portuguese. This is a course in which you are invited to “have fun” and at the same time learn in a different way. The primary tool for this is the “CANTA BRASIL” textbook series. The material has 10 units and each one has a special song that is related to specific vocabulary and grammatical properties. According to students that have taken this course, this method makes learning more interesting, enjoyable and effective. The use of music and lyrics not only facilitates vocabulary learning, but also serves as a basis for grammar studies, pronunciation exercises and the study of cultural aspects. CLASS MATERIALS: 1. Canta Brasil II by Anamaria Teixeira and Clarice Deal. This material is available at the ASU Bookstore on the Main Campus – you can find the songs and dialogues at and also at the ASU LAB (basement) if you have a coupon. 2. A dictionary (Portuguese - English / English - Portuguese) 3. A folder to keep exercises, assignments and research for your oral presentation What you will watch in the LAB or in Class: 1- Jornal da Globo (TV News) 2- Trechos de novelas / seriados (parts of ”soap operas” for comprehension) 3- Documentary programs / films 4- Musicals / Movies (Four Days in Sept) 5- Brazilian and Portuguese guests may be invited to share their cultural experiences Cultural Topics in Class (Oral Presentation) In each chapter, Canta Brasil presents a valuable aspect of Brazilian culture in the “De Olho Aberto” (With Open Eyes) section. We are going to explore these subjects using the library, Internet, books, magazines, as well as TV / DVD videos. This will complement our knowledge of Brazilian and Portuguese culture. All students will do an oral presentation based upon a unit of the textbook (Canta Brasil). This will be done individually. Material related to the texts can be researched on the Internet or at the library. You can use a computer and projector. Powerpoint presentations are welcome! GRADING COMPONENTS
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syl201_Fall2011_noite[1] - POR 201 - LINE # 84208...

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