Individual Development Plan Part II

Individual Development Plan Part II - Adam Newman MGT 310...

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Adam Newman MGT 310 12/02/2009 Crazy Eight’s Individual Development Plan: Part II 1) What did you learn about yourself from this class? There are many things I have learned about myself and my role in group interactions throughout my experiences in this class. A lot of what I learned this semester about myself simply confirmed what I already believed to be true. I knew that I was comfortable in situations where I couldn’t control all of the internal and external factors. Something new I learned about myself is my tendencies when trying to take on leadership roles within the group. Throughout the semester and especially in this class it was my goal to take on the leadership role in every task we confronted. At the beginning of the semester I was extremely motivated and went out of my way to establish organization and structure of roles within the team. Throughout the first couple tasks I believe I successfully performed the leadership role and effectively helped my group achieve our goals. What I realized throughout the remainder of the semester was that I became too comfortable within my role and began to demonstrate less passion toward achieving goals. This allowed for other group members to emerge as potential leaders of the group. Although my lack of consistent dedication decreased my
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Individual Development Plan Part II - Adam Newman MGT 310...

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