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Jenniffer Snow

Jenniffer Snow - Areas for Improvement for the Team Member...

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MGT 310 Feedback to Each Team Member (complete a separate sheet for each team member) Due 15 th Week of Class Team Member’s Name: Jennifer Snow Crazy Eight’s Your Name (optional): Adam Newman Positive Comments to the Team Member: Jennifer definitely assumed more leadership roles towards the latter end of the semester. She was always present at meeting before anyone else and did a great job of improving group communication through E-Mails. Jennifer always had the group goals in mind ahead of her own and was always willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve them.
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Unformatted text preview: Areas for Improvement for the Team Member : There is not much I could suggest for improvement. I know that she is enrolled in the cannon leadership program and with respect to this I suggest that if she wants to assume leadership roles, make sure to be consistent. At the beginning of the semester she was slightly less aggressive and outgoing but as our team developed and as the semester progressed she became more vocal about what we needed to do as a team to be successful....
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