MGT 310 Syllabus (Nahrgang Fall 2009)

MGT 310 Syllabus (Nahrgang Fall 2009) - MGT 310:...

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MGT 310: COLLABORATIVE TEAM SKILLS FALL 2009 Professor: Dr. Jennifer D. Nahrgang Office: BA 397G Telephone: (480) 965-4641 Email: Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 2:30 to 4:30 PM, and by appointment CLASS MATERIALS The course pack contains the majority of the readings for class. The course pack can be purchased from XanEdu. Please see the document “Purchasing Coursepack from XanEdu Instructions.docx” which is posted on Blackboard for instructions on how to purchase the coursepack. The coursepack is a requirement for the class. Readings not included in the course pack will be posted on the Blackboard site for this class. You will also be required to purchase the on-line Leadership and Team Simulation: Everest (~$15.00) from Harvard Business Publishing. More instructions for purchasing the simulation will be available in class. You are responsible for checking the Blackboard site for this class regularly for announcements and handout materials. You are also responsible for making sure your email account is correct and for managing your mailbox. I send all class-related email communication from Blackboard, so if you do not use the ASU default email address (e.g., you use a gmail account), you must make sure your mail will be forwarded correctly and that your mailbox is not too full to receive messages. I am not responsible for messages not received due to full mailboxes. I reserve the right to amend this syllabus and/or the schedule depending on the class’s needs during the semester. Any amendments will be posted to Blackboard. PURPOSE OF THE CLASS Teams have been an integral part of human society for millions of years. Whether due to the need to accomplish tasks or the desire to affiliate with others, individuals have formed themselves into teams. The use of teams in work organizations has increased substantially over the last several decades. In 1990, it was estimated that 7% of US companies were using some form of self-managing teams (Lawler, 1990). The latest projections are that 40-50% of the US workforce will work in some kind of team (Stewart et al., 1999). Clearly, as future college graduates entering the workforce, it is imperative that you understand the dynamics associated with effective teams. More importantly, it is imperative that you understand how to work collaboratively with others! This class will provide you with teams-management experience: what teams are, team effectiveness, team dynamics and team facilitation. After completing this class, you will have a strong practical knowledge of teams and how they function, as well as the capabilities necessary to be an effective team leader or member.
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MGT 310 Syllabus (Nahrgang Fall 2009) - MGT 310:...

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