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Movie Analysis Assignment

Movie Analysis Assignment - Adam Newman MGT 310 Movie...

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Adam Newman MGT 310 Movie Review Leadership: Describe the different approaches to leadership represented on the jury. What theory or theories best explain(s) the leadership of this team? Some of the approaches to leadership include laissez faire approach and leading by going against the norm. In the beginning all 11 of the jurors decided to give a decision of guilty in order to result in a quick and speedy process. This is the example of laissez faire because it is define as the “hands off” approach. This is the least effective leadership approach and this is confirmed later on in the film. Juror # 8 displayed a kind of charismatic leadership by going against the norm by questioning and arguing. An example of this is when Fonda decides not to vote guilty and proposes the idea that maybe the boy is not guilty. At the beginning Fonda struggles with getting the other jurors to listen (except the man sitting next to him) and especially the man with the picture of his son. Although this power struggle is apparent, it is obvious to the viewer
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