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Paulinebrachet - afraid to give her input Pauline’s...

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MGT 310 Final Peer Assessment 100 point assignment Due 15 th Week of Class MGT 310 Feedback to Each Team Member (complete a separate sheet for each team member) Due 15 th Week of Class Team Member’s Name Pauline Brachet Crazy Eights Your Name (optional) Adam Newman Positive Comments to the Team Member: Pauline did a great job this semester. Considering she was a French student, abroad in America, she exceeded my expectations. Pauline was very good communicating with the rest of the group and was never
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Unformatted text preview: afraid to give her input. Pauline’s international experience definitely made our group more dynamic. Areas for Improvement for the Team Member : The only thing Pauline could do better is ask more questions. At times, I think she felt self-conscious about her English speaking skills. You should never be afraid to ask for help with any project or assignment....
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