TDM AAR - Crazy Eights Pauline Branchet, Morgan Hernquist,...

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Crazy Eights Pauline Branchet, Morgan Hernquist, Adam Newman, Jennifer Snow, Derek Titus Team Decision Making AAR I. Purpose a. The purpose of the Winter Survival exercise was to get our team to see the value in a consensus approach when brainstorming or making final decisions. The exercise forced our group to throw out different answers, bump heads, and fight for our personal choices. Thus, the team had to welcome each idea with open arms and hear the pros and cons to all arguments. The group compiled all of the skills brought to the table by each member, rather than falling into group-thinking. II. What happened? a. i. Average team member: ii. Most accurate team member: iii. Expert decision: iv. Other decisions made by teams in the class: b. Overall, all of the team members were listened to considerately. For instance, when the group ranked each item independently, Jenny was the only member to place the ball of steel wool at the second position, while the rest of the group felt that it was an unnecessary item. If the team would have ruled in a majority without listening to Jenny’s argument, the team would have suffered. However, the team eventually saw the value of the ball of steel wool, and ranked it at two. When the results came in, steel wool was ranked number two by a professional. If the group did not attentively listen to Jenny’s argument, the team’s final score would have increased negatively by at least nine points. In this case, Jenny’s argument was listened to attentively and was also accepted. While other arguments were not accepted, they were still given a chance to prove their points. c. Because of group norms, the team is already very accepting and polite as a rule. However, that does not mean that group members will roll over and play dead when faced with conflict. As mentioned previously, Jenny brought up an argument and eventually it was accepted by the group. However, with other items, such as the gun’s ranking, more conflict arose. For example, Pauline believed that the gun could have been of great importance to the group, and she gave the argument that the gun
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TDM AAR - Crazy Eights Pauline Branchet, Morgan Hernquist,...

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