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Adam Newman Final proj. Research October 29, 2009 Water Sustainability at ASU Potential Problems: 1. Evaporation during day: water that is not absorbed evaporates and is wasted 2. Improper watering cycles: Some plants need to be watered at the correct time in order to flourish, current systems do not take this into consideration 3. Grey Water: Water being used could be used for consumption; instead we need to use water that is grey and not usable for consumption. 4. Non-sustainable plants or grasses 5. Overuse of water: some plants may be getting more water than the minimum amount they need to survive. Potential Solutions 1. Water the entire campus as soon as the sun goes down so that water does not evaporate during the day when it is hottest.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Implement timers that control when certain types of plants are watered. 3. Make sure all water being used for plants is grey water. 4. Replace unsustainable plants and grasses with ones that are meant for an arid climate 5. Study the amount of water different types of plants need so that they are not over-watered Sources:"Barlett"+"Sustainability+on+campus: +Stories+and+strategies+for+change"+&ots=uptAGnVeIr&sig=SAipFoCJIOU-KLL5H1tY_r9wt5s#v=onepage&q=&f=false
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