Workbook - Adam Newman Workbook Parts 1 - 9 This workbook...

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Adam Newman Workbook Parts 1 - 9 This workbook is designed to introduce you to working with some of the questions and skills needed to be successful in gaining the bright professional future available to all of you. I encourage you to adopt an attitude that preparing this document is a starting point in an on-going process, rather than just another “to-do” on your list of school assignments. If you don’t care about or actively work toward your professional future, WHO WILL ? For those seeking entrepreneurial or graduate school options, this workbook is just as useful. Entrepreneurs, assume that the company/industry you choose to start a company in will be just as important as s job seeker. So will all the answers to the other questions. You banker will be very much like an interviewer for a company when you seek funding. You will also need to know all the same answers before you go out and start a venture, if you hope to have much chance at success. For graduate school bound students, the selection of the right graduate school and the process of acceptance is essentially the same as applying for a job. All the question can apply either to choosing the right school, getting accepted or moving forward as a post-graduate. Directions Please read each question’s instructions thoroughly. You will be judged on how much you think and the apparent effort expended in developing responses, not on how long you write. Thought content and effort in completing these questions in the workbook is the key determinate of success in practice and in grading. Length of response is not as important as the content. Long yet unfocused is not good. Brief but focused is good, as long as the question is fully answered. If you don’t have an answer to some of these questions, indicate why not. If it is because of lack of effort on your part, that will be apparent. I will assume that if you do not know the answers to some of these larger questions about your professional future, you have made the effort to come in to the Business Career Center and have seen your Career Coach or myself in an effort to find some answers. Tell me what you have done to start answering these questions that you do not have answers for yet. Some of the questions in the Workbook are by design somewhat vague. Just like many things in life, everything is not always clear cut when making decisions and plans about yourself and your future. Do the best you can, interpret what you see and respond with the intelligence and solid work effort I know you are capable of. To complete the workbook, simply begin typing your responses in the boxes right after the questions. Save the document and submit the appropriate section of this document as a single Word document via Assignments in Blackboard on or before the due date.
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Workbook - Adam Newman Workbook Parts 1 - 9 This workbook...

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