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The story I have chosen was the storm that has flooded a lot of the east coast. On the CNN website it offers all types of information about this with varies videos and interviews of people in the area. It seems as if CNN really uses a lot of different sources, from the average neighbor to the department of public safety. I feel this story is very detail oriented and made as if it is seem to be one of the most important stories in today’s news. Fox News has also reported on this story however, it seems as if the story was not that news breaking compared to CNN. There were not as many pictures and videos as CNN had on there website. The information that is given in the story I feel is not as credible as the one for CNN. It looks as if in this story the sources are from people there but not really like people with knowledge of the whole problem. For example, like the Department of Safety was a source in the CNN story but in Fox story it’s the normal Joe. On MSNBC I had trouble staying focused on the story. The site has so many random
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