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Musical Effect Buffy Sainte Marie once said, "Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel." But for some all music is an art form whose medium is sound. For me I feel music is much more than just an art form, I feel music is a way of life. The effect that music has had on my life has been a great thing. Music can affect a person in some many ways such as health. By playing recordings of relaxing music every morning and evening a person can train his or her to lower their blood pressure. Music can also improve your physical performance. By listening to music that motivates you, the music will make it easier for you to get up and move around, exercise or play your sport. There are so many things that music can do for a person's
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Unformatted text preview: life and affect it in a positive way. Another example on how music can be positive, stress can be reduced by music. Listening to slow and quiet music is proven by countless studies to be able to reduce one's stress. Music also can be a fatigue fighter meaning listening to upbeat songs could be a great way to get extra energy. I know when I am tired and dont have the energy to do things music is a picker upper for me in my life. Even though music can just be looked at as just noise, music could have a positive effect on people because it could affect a person physically and mentally. Brandon Wilson Hawaii Time...
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