Native American and Alaska Natives compared to others

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I was reading online about a big dropout rate for Native American and Alaska Natives compared to others. They say part of the reason is because the students feel like they are forced to chose from their culture to they American culture. That is just the tip of the iceberg, its goes back even further to the feeling that African Americans had before. Many students feel discriminated against because they have different beliefs. They also wonder why the schools are not integrating their culture into the learning to make it equal. I can relate to these feelings, being African American I wish I learned more about my culture in school. We only talked about my culture in one month out of the year and in some
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Unformatted text preview: states they dont even do that. I think that both legislations should get together and come up with something to keep these kids in school. I feel that by the two working together things will be done in right way and fair for both parties. I think the two groups should realize this dropout rate is too high and to me any kid that dropout is because a failure to reach that kid. I feel its our jobs as adults and educators to try and help these young students grow. I think by both sides coming up with a plan to impute some more of the culture in the schools will help a lot....
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