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Problem-Solving Stimulation The first thing I had to do is define the problem, which is problem representation. I had first read and figure out the problem and understand the guidelines. Then I had to categorize the problem so that I can gain clues to solve the problem. By doing this it helps to compare the different situations. For the activity, I had to understand to get the animals across the river and I can’t leave the cat with the dog and the mouse with the cat and so on. So separating them and knowing what I can go with what mad the process a little easier. Through this I was able to realize that we had multiple combinations that we needed to consider in order to solve this problem. After I understood the different combinations the strategy I used first was heuristics. We all know a dog and a cat will have a hard time getting along if they are left alone and the same for a cat and mouse. So with this in mind I knew I had to figure a way to separate them but could not leave any behind. After figuring out
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