Race and Your Community

Race and Your Community - Race and Your Community In the...

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Race and Your Community In the course of my life I have encountered a lot of different cultures in a lot of different communities. With all these different experiences dealing with different people and ways of life, I have come up with many different opinions about all the different cultures. But one thing is for sure; culture or race in whatever environment plays a role in the interactions between humans. I have lived in different places and in every place that I have lived there has been a different type of culture or race. Right now I live in a community that is filled with Asian Americans. For the most part they all have the same values but look a little different. After being around them for so long I am able to determine Japanese from Chinese and so on and so one. It may be racial profiling but a lot has to do with the eyes and how small they are. Chinese people tend to have smaller eyes than Japanese. But there is always that possibility of a person being half and half because that is common here in Hawaii. As far as the interaction with leaders of the community I personally have not really had any interaction leaders in my community. Now that I think about it, a lot of people in our community do not interact with the leaders. We have interaction with them before they become leaders and then they try us all the same by not listening to us. I feel for the most part people are treated the same in our community. My community is very accepting and one of a kind when it comes to being a
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Race and Your Community - Race and Your Community In the...

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