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Reflections on Nutrition

Reflections on Nutrition - things I’m doing will and the...

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Reflections on Nutrition If I really had to pick my favorite up to this point it would be the first health plan we had to come up with. I felt that assignment really hit home and opened the eyes of many of us. For me personally it made me take a look at my habits and problems. I feel it is always helpful when you have to look yourself in the mirror to learn from the bad things and it makes you want to fix them. To be completely honest I would have t o say every one of these assignments have added knowledge to me. I have been able to take things from all of them and apply it to my life and it has been working. Like I have stated before, this class has made me look at myself and opened my eyes to the
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Unformatted text preview: things I’m doing will and the things I need to change. For me, this class has been nothing but positive on my life and also has been able to help me apply it to my family as well. I have learned it is not just about dieting and eating healthy but that it is a lifestyle. A change for the better and by this change will help my quality of life to be around for my future kids. Since this class and my change I have struggled with my eating and exercise habits but like I said it has been a steady positive force and I have lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks. Goes to show if we apply what we learn the benefits can be great....
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