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Relationship Strategies - wake up with her and spend time...

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Relationship Strategies I am going to have to chose “Carving out time to talk”. My example will be my relationship with my fiancé. I find that sometimes or most times the problems we experience in our relationship has to do with our communication. I would say we think differently about things and sometimes it eats at each of us because instead of talking about it we just let it go until we cannot handle anymore. The biggest problem would be our schedules, I work opposite hours than her and we sometimes see each other in passing. But we have not started to devote time like the book says and the problems that we have had in the past are decreased and we understand each other a lot more. The way we use this method is every morning I
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Unformatted text preview: wake up with her and spend time talking about what she needs to do today and what I have to do. I make her lunch while she is getting ready for work and I kiss her good bye every morning she works. I work the swing shift so when she gets off I am already at work and don’t get home till the late evening. This is when she will wait up for me and we spend some more time talking or just relaxing in each other’s company. Since we have started making this time our relationship has grown stronger and the need for more time together is growing because we enjoy every minute we are together that much more....
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