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Sexual Techniques - Sexual Techniques This chapter talks...

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Sexual Techniques This chapter talks about all techniques when it comes to sex which basically is solitary sexual behavior and sexual behavior with others. Solitary sexual behaviors are different forms of sexual expression that a person does not need a partner. For example masturbation, this is stimulation of the genitals and it’s generally done when one is by him or her self. Sexual behavior with others is when partners must likely to experience mutually enjoyable sexual interactions. This is when things like foreplay and intercourse come into play. Foreplay is a sexually stimulating interaction between people and set the stage for intercourse. Basically the role of foreplay is to be like an appetizer for the main dish. Kissing, touching, cuddling, oral are all forms of foreplay. These are all the starting point for the most part but not always the case. Foreplay is also used to heighten the sexual experience. Kissing is a connection between two partners that does not always have to be erotic. There are many different was to kiss, they have a simple kiss, which is
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