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The Nature - who looks up to us as adults because there is...

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The Nature-Nurture Issue Behaviors are developed through experiences however, in the case a person may have a mental disability then that would be the difference. When a person is born they are not automatically going to act a certain way it is developed over time. When you’re young you are looking and learning from someone that you are copying. What that means is that most kids will develop like their parents are, unless they find and spend time with someone else that influences them. This why I say in one of the post, we do not chose
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Unformatted text preview: who looks up to us as adults because there is always someone learning from us. Genetics is something we a people cannot do about unless we are picking who we are having a baby with and know both genetic make up. Even then we do not know what the mix of the two genetics will make. Experiences are things that has happen to you or things that you have seen. Those are things we see, or are doing and picking things up. We can experience failing a grade is school and how we learn from and the influence that bad experience has on you....
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