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Axia College Material Appendix B Research Methods List the advantages and disadvantages of the following research methods: Research Method Advantages Disadvantages Case Study 1.) good source of ideas about behavior. 2.) Opportunity for innovation. 3.) Good method to study rare phenomenas. 4.) Method to challenge theories. 5.) Alternative to the group focus of psychology. 1.) Hard to get definite cause-effect conclusion. 2.) Harder to generalize from a single case. 3.) Biases in data collection and interpretation. Correlational Method 1.) simple for people to crunch numbers by hand. 1.) Reports relationships
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Unformatted text preview: between data sets but gives no clue as to causality. 2.) Doesn’t let the researcher know which data set is responsible for the relationship. Experimental Method 1.) Humans perform experiments 2.) Can be combined with other methods. 3.) Determines what is best. 4.) Provides a better transferability than anecdotal. 5.) Bias can be reflective. 6.) Bias 7.) Human error 8.) Results may only appy to one situation and maybe difficult to replicate. 9.) Human response maybe difficult to measure 10.)Groups may not be comparable PSY 270...
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