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Substance Abuse I would have to say that I agree with Sociocultural and Behavioral/Cognitive viewpoints the most. What we are subjected to as far as our surroundings and influences can play a big role in substance abuse. Like state in the discussion questions that maybe what goes on around use we may end up doing. For example, if I see my family drinking and everyone having a good time all the time, maybe I might be subject to become a drinker. But at the same time if I see them drinking and becoming a problem and making bad choices, maybe it might go the other way for me and make me not what to drink because of the affect I see it has. As for behavioral and cognitive it’s all about how we
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Unformatted text preview: train ourselves, if we take the drug and it has a good feeling we are subject to wanting to experience again. After a while of getting that feeling from the drug we get use to having it and it could lead to wanting more and not being able to function with out it. I agree with these two viewpoints because it hits close to home as far as my experience with family and friends that I have see. So I know first hand the affects it takes on the person and family. Treatment for the two could be the same as far as a support group that could be put in to place to help the person gets better and not depended on the substance....
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