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Bravest and single most significant experiment in the history of American theater, and its impact continues to be felt”. The Group Theatre History: Founding members Harold Clurman, Cheryl Crawford, Lee Strasberg assembled a highly talented group of actors, directors, producers, and playwrights. After over ten years of success The Group Theatre finally found itself in financial trouble. In a last chance effort to bring in more money, actors including Lee Strasberg and Cheryl Crawford were sent to Hollywood in order to increase publicity for the group. The play did not pan out and instead the actors decided to stay in Hollywood, abandoning the group. By 1941 the group had completely dissolved. Goal: sought out to abolish the “old fashioned” light themes that were
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Unformatted text preview: popular during the 1920’s and replace it with their new vision of theater that would produce original American plays that centered on current issues of the times. Ensemble Acting, which disregarded the focus on a single individual star and instead embraced the significance of group cooperation. Method Acting based on the techniques from Constantin Stanislavsky and created by Lee Strasberg. o Method acting relied on an actor’s ability to draw on personal experience and use their powerful emotions to bring to life a believable character. Productions & Members: • The House of Connelly- (1931) • Men in White- (1933)- Pulitzer Prize for Drama • Awake and Sing! –( 1935) • Waiting for Lefty-(1935) • Paradise Lost – (1935) • Golden Boy- (1937)...
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