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Psych130 Syllabus - Psychology 130 Fall 2011 CLINICAL...

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Psychology 130 Fall 2011 CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Lectures : MW 12-1 PM, 100 GPB Discussion sections : will begin in 3 rd week Professor : Allison G. Harvey Office Hours : MW 12 – 12.50 PM, 3321 Tolman GSIs : Anna Sapozhnikova [email protected]: Liaison for waitlist questions Andrew Peckham [email protected] Sandy Lwi [email protected]: Liaison for DSP program This course will provide an introduction to and overview of the field of clinical psychology. Our goal is to provide current scientific information about the nature and major forms of mental disorder. Throughout we will highlight the diverse roles that psychologists perform as scientists, advocates, providers, and evaluators of direct services. We will emphasize underlying theories of dysfunction, therapy and the ways in which basic sciences (e.g., attention science, cognitive science, emotion science, neuroscience) can inform the study of psychopathology and treatment. We will begin by highlighting issues related to the definition of abnormality and the classification of psychological disorders. Then we will examine a range of psychological disorders. Disorders to be covered include anxiety disorders (panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder), depression, sleep disorders, schizophrenia and eating disorders. Most disorders will be considered in terms of (1) classification, (2) epidemiology, (3) theories of etiology/maintenance and (4) treatment approaches. Throughout the course genetics, sex differences, high risk aspects and the effects of social class, culture and life events will be considered. Although the course is, of necessity, broad and survey-oriented, the sections will allow more in-depth coverage of selected topics. We hope to convey both our excitement about the scientific advances in the field and our alarm at the long strides that still need to be made in terms of public awareness, basic scientific understanding, and public neglect of children, adolescents and adults who suffer from mental disorders. Grading
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Psych130 Syllabus - Psychology 130 Fall 2011 CLINICAL...

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