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Gen Psych Lect 1

Gen Psych Lect 1 - "Turn e ve ry moment of life i nto a...

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"Turn every moment of life into a party" - Most Profound Philosophy according to Prof. "Most successful people never grow up, maintain the youthfulness" Professor Michael Leyton Busch Psych. Building Two Required Books: (1) Tony Buzan: Use Both Sides of Your Brain; (2)Kagan & Segal: Psychology: An Introduction [8th or 9th edition] Purpose of First Book: Buzan: To teach you how to study. Shows the psychological proven techniques for increasing your capacity to take in information and learn. Homework: Week 1: Read and Learn: Buzan Chapters 6 & 7 (pg. 77-95) Week 2: Read and Learn: Buzan Chapters 8 to end of book Purpose of the Second Book: Kagan & Segal: For other reading assignments. These will be given after the Buzan readings. 1. Clinical and Developmental Psychology A. Very strong relationship between clinical and developmental psych. B. Psychoanalysis 1. Invented by Sigmund Freud; most of what the public knows about is the things he got wrong 2. 2 Phases in the History of Psychoanalysis : i. Freudian Theory :
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