Gen Psych Lect 5

Gen Psych Lect 5 - 2 Techniques of psychotherapy how is it...

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Homework: Due Date: Study and Mind Map for: 8th ed.: p50-64 9th ed.: p53-65 (1 st 1 / 2 of "Brain" ch.) Do in color Wed. Sept. 23 There will be 6 mind-map assignments Technique you will use the rest of your life You will find that many people use this technique Keep the originals to study from You lose half a letter grade for each mind-map you don't hand in C li n i c a l a n d D e v e l o p m e n t a l P s y c h . ( c on t ' d ) S e v e r a l Ps y c ho t h e r a p i e s ( c on t ' d ) 3. Psychiatry Medical Doctors prescribing drugs 4. Psychoanalysis Based on transference F i n a l W o r d s a bou t F r e u d Freud is generally recognized as one of the great geniuses of all time - equal to Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, etc. His great discoveries are: 1. The nature of psychological health and illness. The mechanisms of ill-health; e.g., defenses against too-muchness, repression, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Techniques of psychotherapy: how is it possible to move a person from the highly split structure of a mind divided against itself to a unified mind that can function easily, creatively, and happily. Object-Relations Theory Freud did not really observe children. A group of people, the object-relations theorists, did a huge study of children. They thereby moved psychoanalysis forward enormously. The single most important fact of childhood is: DEPENDEN CE The child's primary problem is to su r v i v e : Its needs are: Food Protection Warmth (e.g., clothes) Learning (e.g., walk, talk, etc.) However, the child is totally helpless . So it must get these needs met via an adult: i.e., food, protection, warmth, etc, must come via an adult....
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Gen Psych Lect 5 - 2 Techniques of psychotherapy how is it...

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