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Gen Psych Lect 9

Gen Psych Lect 9 - Homework Due Date 8th ed p.156 173 9th...

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Homework: Due Date: 8th ed. p.156 - 173 9th ed. p.137 - 154 Read & Make Mind Map Wednesday, Oct. 7th O b j e c t Rel a t i on s T heo r y (con t 'd ) Me l an i e Kle i n (c on t 'd ) T h e De p r e s s i v e Po s i t i o n Child has discovered that the good objects, to which it has had intense love, and the bad objects, to which it has intense hate, are part of the same whole person. Child becomes deeply depressed at its own destructiveness to what it so loves. The ability to tolerate this depression leads to more mature capacity for love based on concern , and sorrow for the whole object. Thus, the child develops the capacity for empathy . ( Note: the paranoid-schizoid cannot develop empathy.) For a child, who has been through the depressive position, the capacity for g u i l t emerges. One can feel guilt only towards a whole object which one considers to have good parts despite the bad parts that incited your anger. So guilt is a mature feeling.
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