Gen Psych Lect 18

Gen Psych Lect 18 - with joy, dancing around the table,...

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Important Info: Final: Dec. 9 th (Last Day of Class) th ed.) C o g n i t i v e Ps y c ho l o g y ( c on t ' d ) C ogn i t i v e T h e r a p y ( c on t ' d ) T h e Po w e r o f A ff i r m a t i on s ( c on t ' d ) O p t i m i sm v s. P e ss i m i sm It has been shown that pessimism even influences our immune system. People who are pessimistic get ill much more frequently than others. But pessimism is only a false belief system - so you can change it with affirmations, etc. Optimism is learned - by making optimistic affirmations. When you feel pessimism coming on, simply find out what your belief system is behind it, and change the belief system. Again, this is done with practice. It becomes automatic; by repeating affirmations, etc. The Physical An incredible influence on our emotions is our physical posture and movement. You can reverse your emotions by changing your posture, leaping into the air
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Unformatted text preview: with joy, dancing around the table, etc. Pump yourself up with energy and excitement throughout your body and you will observe an extraordinary effect on your mind, instantly . CELEBRATE YOURSELF!!!!! most important sentence in the entire course Walt Whitman says, "I celebrate myself." Other Crucial Statements: Know that you are totally incredible, totally fabulous, totally wonderful, absolutely unbelievable, . .!!!!! H e l p f u l B oo k : Gen Ps ych Page 1 Anthony Robbins: "Awaken the Giant Within" Look at the "Self-Improvement" section in Barnes and Noble lots of great books. Gen Ps ych Page 2...
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Gen Psych Lect 18 - with joy, dancing around the table,...

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