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Psych Final What is research? What is a theory? What is a correlational research? Experimental research? Ex: naturalistic… Control groups? Population? Variables and their functions? (independent, dependent, variable) Pavlov’s dog (classical conditioning, the variables, stimulus generalization and discrimination) Definition of fetal stage? Prenatal stage/ embr yonic/ zygote/ fetal Consciousness- Awareness of environment. Sleep stages: REM (rapid eye movement-semiparalysis, dream, sexual stimulations) Hypnosis- Hypnotic induction. What is daydreaming? Circadian rhythm: bodies biological clock Erik Erikson- 2 stages: intimacy vs. isolation Drugs: Ritalin, marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, and maybe lsd Know the classifications! Freud-his theory of personality, ego, superego, id Psychosexual stages: oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital Repression, suppression, denial, rationalization, fixation, regression, All psychological disorders. Skinner- Operant conditioning: reinforcement
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