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1. Acoustic encoding- The encoding of sounds, especially the sound of words 2. Anterograde amnesia- The inability to form long-term memory due to brain injury 3. Chunking- Organizing items of information into a meaningful unit, or chunk, that can be stored in short term memory 4. Cryptomnesia- A memory illusion in which people believe that some work they have done is a novel creation when, in fact, it is not original 5. Decay- Forgetting due to the passage of time 6. Déjà vu illusion- A memory illusion in which people feel a sense of familiarity in a situation that they know they have never encountered before 7. Elaborative rehearsal- Rehearsal that involves thinking about how new information relates to information already stored in long-term memory 8. Encoding- The first memory process, in which information is organized and transformed so it can be entered into memory 9. Encoding specificity principle- A retrieval rule stating that retrieving information from long-term memory is most likely when the conditions at retrieval closely
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