Psychoanalysis 2

Psychoanalysis 2 - TRANSFERENCE Freud discovered after...

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Unformatted text preview: TRANSFERENCE · Freud discovered- after years of therapy, patient confused therapist w/ their parents (caretakers) o Remarkable phenomenon- happens to everyone o After 3 of 4 years- Patient experiences being a small child in relation to therapist § With extreme and difficult feelings ú Phase called- “TRANSFERENCE NEUROSIS” · Most valuable phase- soon leads to cure ALL PSYCHOANALYSIS IS ABOUT TRANSFERENCE · In Transference patient re-lives childhood- like virtual reality o However patient begins to group up again with “parent” (therapist) § Result- patient’s mind forms w/o splitting, traumas, etc PSYCHOTHERAPY- SEVERAL KINDS · (1) Behavioral Modification o (Patient addicted to smoking to remove behavior) § Based on conditioning · (2) Cognitive Therapy o Changing your perspective & belief · (3) Psychiatry o Drugs · (4) Psychoanalysis o Transference FINAL WORDS ABOUT FREUD · Generally recognized as “Great Genius” of all time o Equivalent to Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, etc · HIS GREATE DISCOVER o (1) Nature of Psychological Health & Ill-Health § Mechanism of ill health- repression, defenses against too muchness o (2) Techniques of Psychotherapy: Make person w/ split mind a unified mind, that can function easily (happy) OBJECT- RELATION THEORY · Freud didn’t really observe children o O.R. Theorist did huge study on children § Moved Psychoanalysis forward ENORMOUSLY MOST IMPORTANT FACT OF CHILDHOOD: DEPENDENCE Child’s primary problem: to SURVIVE · It’s needs are” o Food o Protection o Warmth o Learning Child= totally helpless · Must get needs via adults o Food, protection, warmth, etc. § Thus it’s relationship to adults is one of DEPENDENCE Without adult, child would: · Starve to death · Freeze to death · Never learn to walk, talk, etc DEPENDENCY on parent for survival controls everything ALL TRAUMAS IN CHILDHOOD ARE DISTURBANCES IN DEPENDENCY · These disturbances can include: abandonment, failure to protect, etc PRIMARY TASK OF THE CHILD IS TO SETUP DEPENDENCY RELATIONSHIPS W/ AN ADULT THAT PROVIDES FOR THE CHILD”S SURVIVAL · Relationships are therefore everything o Hence object- “relations” theory...
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Psychoanalysis 2 - TRANSFERENCE Freud discovered after...

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