Psychoanalysis 3

Psychoanalysis 3 - Psychology For a child whos been through...

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Psychology For a child who’s been through depressive position- capacity for guilt emerges o One can feel guilt only towards whole object § Which one considers have good parts despite bad parts that incited your anger GUILT IS A MATURE FEELING REPARATION · Equals repair · Major discovery by Melanie Klein · Determines much of person’ life · Klein found- sorrow brought on in the child, by destruction of a toy it referred to as “mommy” is often accompanied by attempts to “repair” the toy o Formation of repair as a solution at this stage and its success, determines much of the rest of the person’ life · Reparation is one of the main methods of getting over depressive anxiety o Reparation comes from the child’s need to ensure the parent’s survival § What makes reparation so emotionally important for the child ú Failure to repair the parents is experience as a major trauma · Klein discovered: children will often mobilize extra ordinarily creative drives to repair parent o Child will experience great self sacrifice to repair parent o Conjectured that this is a major force for artistic creativity in later life § Why artists will sacrifice much to ensure long period of creativity THE Child’s SURVIVAL · Melanie Klein shows that the child would go to great lengths to ensure the parent’s survival o We think ensuring survival is that of parent ensuring child’s survival § A CHILD IS EQUALLY CONCERNED WITH ENSURING THE PARENTS SURVIVAL IN RODER TO ENSURE IT’S OWN SURVIVAL NON-ASSERTIVENESS AND DEPRESSION IN ADULTHOOD · In ability to repair the parent in childhood can lead to strong suppression of anger & suppression of destructive feelings toward parents § Also leads to depression ú DEPRESSION IS A SUPPRESSION OF ANGER TOWARDS A LOVED PERSON BECAUSE ONE FEELS ONE’S ANGER WILL DESTROY THEM MANIAC DEFENSE · (1) Maniac Defense o A child who can’t repair parent can sometimes develop a maniac personality § A maniac person defends against the sorrow of losing a god object by maintaining that the object was not really important anyway ú This kind of person develops denigrating contempt for the objects that were loved, so that their lose is not experience as important
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Psychoanalysis 3 - Psychology For a child whos been through...

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