Psychoanalysis 4

Psychoanalysis 4 - Cloud-Moon Illusion cloud moving, moon...

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Cloud-Moon Illusion cloud moving, moon static Principle of separation of systems: judge only w/ respect to next larger system, not beyond Motion Example: dot on the circle You see the movement as a hierarchy of two relative systems Gibson's Approach Gibson is opposite of gestalt(Gestalt: what you perceive comes from inside your mind) Bison says- the source of structure is not your mind but the environment JJ Gibson: "ecological approach"- psychologists has to go through 3 steps in order to understand how an animal perceives 1) First understand the environment in which the animal is embedded 2) Then understand what information about the environment is available in the stimulus on the retina 3) then understand how your mind uses that info on the retina to recover the structure of the environment Environment (3D)-> projected onto retina( 2D)-> mind receives from 2d image-> 3 d Structure of the environment Perception is understood as a recovery problem Social Psychology Has a very different approach to studying attitudes from psychoanalysis and cognitive therapy The social psychology view All environment influence our behavior One of the most important= social environment Social Psychology= the study of how an individual's thoughts, feelings ,ad actions are affected by others Major social influence on people is the creation of their attitudes Attitudes= deeply engrained (difficult to remove) People showed strong need to preserve attitudes, will reject evidence that contradicts their attitudes Phenomenon called- minimization of cognitive dissonance Cognitive Dissonance= discomfort generated by lack of consistency How Attitudes Change
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Strongest Influence= social environment Child Major Influence= parental attitudes Socialization= the way people are integrated into society by exposure to the actions and opinions of others therefore changes in attitudes come about through major changes in the social environment Major changes in attitude occurs age 18-25 with college etc (strongly works against parental influence Attribution Theory- study of how people attribute causes to other peopl's behaviors, any action of other person can have many diff. causes a) Waitress warmly smiles @ us at end of meal
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Psychoanalysis 4 - Cloud-Moon Illusion cloud moving, moon...

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