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Pham Kaitlin Pham Professor Preston English 134 4 November 2010 The Outcasts of Campus I stepped out of the stuffed car, sweaty and anxious . Move-in Day is highly anticipated for any college freshman, inches away from their first taste of freedom and independence . The dorm experience that every student desires has finally arrived filled with promises of new friends and cramped living spaces . I received my room assignment two weeks prior, and I was excited to see my new living quarters . I trekked up the hill leading to Santa Lucia to check in, then ran back to the car, and began to unload . Lassen Hall is part of a cluster of buildings belonging to the College of Engineering . The building was different than I expected, filled with quiet students, none attempting to make eye contact . I blamed it on nerves, but months into school nothing has changed, and I doubt it will . The North Mountain Halls are made up of five buildings which share a community with Santa Lucia, a completely different building on a completely different block . Each North Mountain building has two stories with about sixty three students . The rooms are grouped into single-sex groups of four that each share a common bathroom, similar to those of suites (Santa) . However, there is no central community in any of the North Mountain buildings, and residents are forced to use the lounge and recreational facilities in Santa Lucia Hall . The location of the North Mountain Halls leaves many students in an awkward, isolated environment, making many daily tasks difficult to complete . North
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Pham Mountain residents have a harder time making social interactions, as well as completing other menial chores compared to other colleagues . A common room’s main purpose is for students to relax, talk, and meet others within their building . Although North Mountain does have a common room, the walk to get to Santa Lucia does not seem worth the effort .
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Essay 3 - Pham Kaitlin Pham Professor Preston English 134 4...

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