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Pham Kaitlin Pham Prof . Preston English 134 October 7, 2010 Lost in Translation I come from a large family of nine aunts and uncles, and fifteen cousins . Our success sprouts from my grandparent’s virtuous hard work; something that all their offspring now possess . My family arrived to America after the fall of Saigon, in search of a country free from Communism . They started off in the poorest of poor conditions, and worked hard to move out of the cockroach ridden shacks to nicely furnished condos . My grandparents valued their values and religion, and gave those ideals to their children . However, as each generation thereafter multiplied, my family culture and history continued to diminish into the background . As time progresses, history fades from our thoughts, but I must remember the past and keep the memories alive . This past summer, my relatives had an impromptu family reunion . We all gathered to southern California to check up on each other’s progress, see newly born cousins, but most of all, to celebrate the arrival of the Grandparents . They arrived from a seven hour plane ride from Honolulu, Hawaii, where they had spent the last 25 years alone . The whole family had lived in Hawaii after the big move from Vietnam, but slowly filtered out and had families in California . My Grandparents somehow had decided to stay in the Islands; an ocean away from those they love . They spent their time giving back to my childhood church, taking evening walks and early
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Pham morning swims . They made sure to let their children grow through physical distance, but made sure that they were only a phone call away . Their quick decision to visit California surprised the
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Essay1 - Pham Kaitlin Pham Prof. Preston English 134...

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