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Pham Kaitlin Pham Dr . Alison Preston English 134 2 December 2010 Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking Fresh out of high school, college students step onto campus optimistic and confident that their last twelve years of training will be put to good use . Right off the bat, freshmen are tested to their limits, experiencing a whole new type of environment in a completely different structure . They act as sponges; absorbing information in bulk and depositing it upon command . Along the way, students are given lessons in critical thinking, where they strengthen their development in gathering information and facts to be analyzed . Although they are not aware of this, students have been exposed to critical thinking activities since elementary school . Teachers incorporate critical thinking into their study plans, but in a way that it is undetectable . Students therefore practice this skill halfheartedly, unaware of how to completely develop this essential craft . Thus, the neglect towards the importance of critical thinking has forced students to absorb all facts fed to them without contemplation . Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens once said, “Even in high school, a rule that permits only one point of view to be expressed is less likely to produce correct answers than the open discussion of countervailing views” (Procon .org). He counters that the optimal answer can only be developed by several people with different views, each thought out completely . He argues that the best way to make a decision is to observe all aspects quickly and efficiently while considering every view possible . Critical thinking is currently
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Pham lacking in society, and students should consciously be exposed to an entire study of critical thinking in order to efficiently practice it in the work force
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Final essay - Pham Kaitlin Pham Dr Alison Preston English...

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