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Geog 150 Final Exam Text

Geog 150 Final Exam Text - Geography 150 Fall 2010 Things...

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Geography 150, Fall 2010 Things to Know from the Text (Chapters 8, 9, 10) Chapter 8 o What is a sovereign state? How many were there in the 1940s? How many does the UN recognize today? A state that has independence from control of its internal affairs by other states. 49 sovereign states in 1940; increased to 192 in 2006 o Is Korea one state or two? What happened to cause the confusion? Is North Korea or South Korea (or both) a member state of the UN? Korea is two states; confused because they got separated in after WWII. Both are in the UN as separate countries o Is Taiwan a sovereign state? Why or why not? Does the US recognize Taiwan as sovereign? Does the UN? Does anyone? According to China, Taiwan is not sovereign, but a part of China. IT arose during the civil war in China during the late 1940s between the nationalists and the Communists. After losing, nationalist leaders fled to Taiwan. Nationalists proclaimed they were the leaders of China, when they would defeat the Communists in the future. They wanted to govern one side of the country and they regard themselves as a sovereign independent state, but China viewed this as a departure from the arrangement with the two. o What is the situation with Western Sahara? Who controls it today? Is it a sovereign state? Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is considered by most African countries as sovereign state. Morocco claims the territory and has built a wall to keep out rebels. Spain controlled the territory on the continents west coast between Morocco and Mauritania until withdrawing. The two countries annexed part of Sahara and then Morocco took it all. Morocco controls most of the populated area but Polisario Front operated in the deserts. o Who controls the land at the South Pole? Who controls the Arctic/North Pole? Why are either of any interest? South pole is claimed by Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, the UK; The Antarctic Treaty provides that research stations can be established for scientific investigations, but no military; rich in energy resources THE FUCKING ARTIC/NORTH POLE ARENT IN THE FUCKING BOOK. o Very generally, what is the history of statehood? What and where was the Fertile Crescent, and what role did it play in the development of states? Development of states can be traced to ancient Middle East, Fertile Crescent; dividing the world started in Europe. Fertile Crescent formed an arc between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea. o What is a city-state? The first states to evolve were known as city-states, a sovereign state that comprises a town and the surrounding country side. o How far did the Roman Empire extend, when did it collapse, and why? Roman empire controlled most of Europe, North Africa, and Southwest Asia, from modern day Spain to Iran and Egypt to England. Collapsed in the 5 th century after a series of attacks by people living on its frontiers and because of internal disputes o Know what colonies are, when the colonial era began, where, and why.
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