Nov 4 powerpoint notes

Nov 4 powerpoint notes - 1. Kurds: Seeking Nationhood...

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1. Kurds: Seeking Nationhood (Kurdistan) a. Own distinct ethnic group—Sunni Muslims, largest ethnic group in world without own nations a.i. Located in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria a.i.1. Worked against Kurds, and repressed them a.ii. Azerbaijan, Armenia, Canada, Britain b. 25-30 mill people, make up 30% of Turkey c. Want their own country, would be called Kurdistan d. After WWI, (during Ottoman Empire—turkey, Arabian peninsula), Ottomans lose their territories d.i. Treaty drawn up in 1918, Sevres Treaty, that Kurds would eventually get own state d.i.1. Kurds reject the Kurd independence d.ii. Which means Turks would have to give up their land, and after they lost WWI, they would not give up their land e. In Turkey Turks tried to get Kurds to disengage from culture. Tried to get Kurds to learn all Turk language and culture. Wouldn’t let Kurds wear traditional dress, wouldn’t let them have their own tv station until a few years ago f. A few years ago, Kurds took a page ad out asking Turkey for more rights f.i. Kurds take up 1/3 of Turkey population f.ii. Want culture and language back f.iii. =Kurds need public education that encourages Kurdish culture without repression g. Kurds formed a militant group to fight Turkish gov’t g.i. PKK-Kurdish Workers’ Party g.i.1.
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Nov 4 powerpoint notes - 1. Kurds: Seeking Nationhood...

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