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Nov 14 slide notes - 1. Slide 1, Political Geography 1....

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1. Slide 1, Political Geography 1. Hussein in 1990 said Iraq would annex Kuwait 1. Kuwait had always been part of Iraq historically 2. Kuwait owed Iraq b/c in 1980, when Kuwait vs. Iran, Iraq helped Kuwait 3. Accused Kuwait of stealing oil under Iraq 4. UN tried to stop it by cutting all associations with Iraq 1. US Military lead a group of countries to defend Kuwait 1. Air strikes, ONLY LASTED A MONTH Desert Storm 2. Desert Shield pushed Hussein out of ____ ONLY 100 HOURS 3. God Iraq out of Kuwait and into Iraq 4. As Iraqi military exited, they set oil wells on fire in Kuwait 2. Sierra Leon 1. Militias took control of country, called the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) 1. Gained control of 2/3 of Sierra Leon by using violence (mutilation—feet, lefts, arms) 2. Teenagers, forced for work for RUF, national military also used children 3. Forced Sierra Leoneans to work in diamond mines 1. Funds civil war 2. 1/3 of country fled 3. Mo Ibrahim giving money to “good governments” in Africa (2007) 1. Awards 5 million dollars over a 10 year period to a leader who does a good job in office and steps down 2. $2,000 a year after for the rest of their lives 3. Award went President of Mozambique 2007 4. 2008 Botswana won award—first country in Africa to offer HIV treatment for free 5. 2009 NONE 6. 2010 NONE 2. Failed Countries in world 1. Top 10, 7 are Africa; Top 15, 10 are 1. Failed state-government has totally lost control with no legitimacy, no security, corruption, population has been displaced.
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Nov 14 slide notes - 1. Slide 1, Political Geography 1....

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