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1. Random Notes 1. UN 1. Do good: UNICEF, cease fire 2. Fail: Peackeepers in Congo, 3. WHERE UN WORKS AND WHERE THEY DON’T 2. Borders 1. US borders, before 9/11, if going to Mexico or Canada, no ID necessary 2. 1. Djibouti-French; Eritrea-Italian never ironed out boundary 2. Biggest shipping corridors in world, prime location for military bases 3. North/South Korea Border 1. Border created by war, aggressively defended 2. Shots fired last month 3. Last March, the North Korean torpedo attacked a South Korean fishing boat that sank. Almost 50 people died. South Korea viewed this as an act of war 4. Wasn’t meant to be permanent, and both sides say that it is temporary; created in the 50’s 1. Korea was an independent kingdom, but in 1910, Korea was forcibly annexed to Japan. Life was harsh, Japan built modern infrastructure, but the natives worked in the farms. Any opposition to Japanese rule was forbidden. 1947, it was banned to teach Korean language in schools. 2. WWII, Japan loses Korea, the Soviets occupy the Northern Zone of Korea. The South was administered by US after WWII. Soviet vs. American zones after WWII, things become tense between Americans and soviets, and the two zones become different countries. The North becomes affiliated with communism and call themselves the People Republic of Korea. The South are the Republic of Korea of Western Capitalism. By the late 40’s, the North builds a military, and in 1950, the Northern Communists attack the South with the aim of unifying the country, but the north said they were “liberating the South from the Americans”.
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Nov 18 slide notes - 1 Random Notes 1 UN 1 Do good UNICEF...

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