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Nov 30 slide notes

Nov 30 slide notes - 1 Some Reasons for Low Development 1...

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1. Some Reasons for Low Development 1. Economic 2. Social 3. Demographic 4. Historical 5. Political 1. Wars, corrupt leaders 1. DRC, stole money using it for their own use 6. Environmental 1. Natural hazards 7. Geographic 1. Where things are sitting on the natural planet (equator vs. poles) 2. If land is land locked because they must cooperate with surrounding countries before getting anything in or out 1. South Africa, during apartheid, they were surrounded by racist white governments to approve things 2. Economic indicators of development 1. UN put indicators together and rank countries within indicators to come up with HDI (Human Development Index) 1. Number 1 country is Norway, the very bottom is Zimbabwe 2. GPA basic measure of size of country’s economy divided by total population 1. Dark red is high-US, Australia, Europe 2. White is low-Africa, Central Asia, Middle East (Pakistan Afghanistan), South Asia 3. Weaknesses: Australia should be doing well and India is doing badly 1. But it doesn’t give detailed information for individual people. Skewed results, no information of gap between the rich and poor 2. GDP per capita is only recording money that you record to government. Anything you get taxed on. But doesn’t include money under that table, and it will not be added into the number. 3. Does Wealth=Happiness? 1. Yes and no… 1. When people’s basic needs have been met, yes! 1. Education, jobs, voting, etc 2. Once you get past a certain amount, the levels of happiness don’t change that much 1. Between 125,000 to 150,000 doesn’t make a difference in level of satisfaction 4.
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